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Live the MCC race of the UTMB® Mont-Blanc 2021 from across the globe. #UTMB4YOU
  • Distance 25 Km
  • Elevation 400 MT+
  • KM-Effort 29 Km-E
  • Date From August 10 to September 10
  • Participants 222
  • Finishers 99
  • Status Over


Even if you can’t be in Chamonix, we want to share the MCC adventure with you, no matter where you are. #UTMB4YOU
We invite you to join us and take part in the Virtual Race to truly experience the MCC. To complete the challenge, you must run 25 km in no more than two runs with 400 m of positive elevation gain.

About MCC:

The MCC is a special race, reserved for volunteers, partners and local runners and has a unique atmosphere. Imagine travelling between the vineyards of the Valaisan hillsides and the hamlets of the upper Chamonix Mont-Blanc valley, discovering the Chosalets, the Lavancher, the Tour or the Bois and Argentière. In the heart of the fir and larch forests, you will find the Bisse de Trient, an historical canal, which was used to bring water from the glaciers to the villages and the Swiss mountain pastures. For those who expect a lot of elevation gain, you will not be disappointed with the ascent of the Balme pass (2190 m) marking the French-Swiss border. At this key moment, you will be able to admire the granite ridge of the Grandes Autannes and the beautiful alpine pastures that are the source for the Arve River, before heading back down to the final destination in Chamonix.

Rules of Virtual Race

To become a Finisher, you must run 25km with 400D+ of gain elevation. The Virtual Race must be completed by walking/running outdoors. The Virtual Race has to be completed in no more than two runs.


The ranking is calculated on the overall timing based on the GPX tracks provided between the first run (start) and the last run (finish). Thus, runners who choose to complete the Virtual Race in one single run will be ahead of those who have complete it in several runs. In the event of a tie, the activity time (= time in motion) will be taken into consideration.

Final ranking
Rank Bib Name Nationality Cat Rank sex Rank cat. Progression Time
1 199 David HOSKING
France New Zealand
V2 M 1 1 100% 02:05:01 See dashboard
2 90 Vincent LANCHEC
France France
SE M 2 1 100% 02:06:42 See dashboard
3 230 Carlos LEMA
France Spain
V1 M 3 1 100% 02:08:38 See dashboard
4 93 Erik VAN DER VEEN
France Netherlands
SE M 4 2 100% 02:11:42 See dashboard
5 68 Yuen Loong HO
France Malaysia
V1 M 5 2 100% 02:14:41 See dashboard
France Colombia
SE M 6 3 100% 02:17:10 See dashboard
7 100 Rémi MASSIGNAN
France France
V1 M 7 3 100% 02:18:30 See dashboard
8 169 Akram BENFREDJ
France Algeria
SE M 8 4 100% 02:20:00 See dashboard
9 227 Masato OTA
France Japan
SE M 9 5 100% 02:21:38 See dashboard
10 94 Keiichiro KON
France Japan
V1 M 10 4 100% 02:25:20 See dashboard