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Challenge Trailers du Mont-Blanc

Challenge Trailers du Mont-Blanc

Open to volunteers from all over the world, this Challenge invites you to run 15km with 600 meters of elevation gain until August 30th
  • Distance 15 Km
  • Elevation 600 MT+
  • KM-Effort 21 Km-E
  • Date From August 07 to August 30
  • Participants 744
  • Finishers 394
  • Money raised 170 €
  • Status Over

About the race

This Challenge is open to volunteers from all over the world and to all those who help runners achieve their dreams.

If you are a volunteer or a family member and you help runners reach their goals, this Challenge was created for you. Participate alone or with your friends and run a 15-kilometre course with 600 meters elevation gain or the equivalent of 21 kilometres-effort.


Trailers du Mont-Blanc

Since the first UTMB® in 2003, the Trailers du Mont-Blanc association has been an key player in the organization of the UTMB® Mont-Blanc. The association welcomes and encourages more than 2,000 volunteers who are directly involved in the success of the UTMB®. They are a united group devoted to the prosperity and the values of the event. All of them are proud of taking part in an moment that ignites the crowds from all over world and serves to spotlight each runner’s feat as well as the magnificence of the mountains and the quality of the organization. Find out more about Les Trailers du Mont-Blanc:

Trailers du Mont-Blanc Challenge Regulations

Les Trailers du Mont-Blanc, in partnership with UTMB® GROUP, organizes the Trailers du Mont-Blanc Challenge as part of the UTMB® for the Planet project.

Challenge overview

The Trailers du Mont-Blanc Challenge will be open from August 7th to August 30th. To complete the Challenge, participants must run 15 kilometers with 600 meters of elevation gain, or the equivalent of 21 kilometers-effort over several runs or in one go.

Runners can take part in the Trailers du Mont-Blanc Challenge wherever they are, using their own tracking tool. They will then upload their activities or GPX tracks on the official platform and find their results there.

If you don’t have a tracking device, you can download for free the LiveRun Tracker app on Apple Store (iOS) or Play Store (Androïd). This app will enable you to track your run, download your GPX track and upload it to https://utmbfortheplanet.worldfrom your dashboard.

Liability and Insurance

You are responsible for your own race and GPS / tracking system.

This is not an official competition, it is a virtual, individual and free operation. Consequently, all runners participate under their own responsibility. Physical activity requires good training and all participants declare that they are healthy and fit for the challenge. By subscribing to the operation, you expressly agree to participate under your own responsibility. You expressly agree to release the organization from any and all liability in connection with your athletic activities and you also agree that in no event shall the organization be liable to you or any third party for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected with the Trailers du Mont-Blanc Challenge.

Sporting rules
  • The Challenge must be completed by walking/running and outdoors.
  • The Challenge can be completed over several runs or in one go.

Those participating in Trailers du Mont-Blanc Challenge will get the chance to win one entry to MCC race of the 2021 edition of the UTMB® Mont-Blanc with three bibs available. The winners will be selected via a lottery among all the participants.

Geolocation data

The geolocation data that the organization may collect will be used only for the purpose of validating the performance and will be considered as personal data. This information is subject to the same rules as other personal data in terms of access rights for modification and storage duration.

Protection of personal data

Participation in the Trailers du Mont-Blanc Challenge implies the express and unreserved acceptance of these rules, of the privacy and data use policy and any instructions sent by the organizer to the participants.


According to the French data protection act of June 1st, 2019, you have: the right to rectification, right to erasure, right of restriction of processing, right to data portability, right to object, right to withdraw data protection consent for any information concerning you. This information is only used within the organization and concerns technical data such as your e-mail address. The organization does not use your data for any other purpose or does not operate profiling activities with personal data.

Final ranking
Rank Bib Name Nationality Cat Rank sex Rank cat. Progression Time Activity Time
1 726 Olivier GOSSET
France Switzerland
V1 M 1 1 100% 01:20:18 01:20:18 See dashboard
2 619 Andrei TALE
France Romania
SE M 2 1 100% 01:20:33 01:20:33 See dashboard
3 356 José Alberto GARCÍA DOMÍNGUEZ
France Mexico
SE M 3 2 100% 01:25:47 01:25:47 See dashboard
4 520 Cyrille ROBERT
France France
V1 M 4 2 100% 01:27:04 01:27:04 See dashboard
5 650 Vladimir CONDRATOV
France Romania
V2 M 5 1 100% 01:27:58 01:27:58 See dashboard
6 166 Vladimir KOZLOV
France Russian Federation
V1 M 6 3 100% 01:31:48 01:31:48 See dashboard
7 295 Gonzalo PEREZ ESCODA
France Argentina
V1 M 7 4 100% 01:33:18 01:33:18 See dashboard
8 152 Jacques RAPPENNE
France France
V1 M 8 5 100% 01:33:52 01:33:52 See dashboard
9 611 Matthias BOURDAIS
France France
SE M 9 3 100% 01:36:57 01:36:57 See dashboard
10 257 Pablo VELO
France Spain
V1 M 10 6 100% 01:37:08 01:37:08 See dashboard