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A short Guide

Good job! You are now ready for a nice personal challenge!
But as you know, our playground is delicate and that's why you are asked to read and respect the few instructions below in order to preserve and value our beautiful planet.
  1. You can run your virtual race wherever you are on the planet! But please make sure that you complete at least 90% of the trip to the starting point of your race by using public transport or carpooling.
Waste Reduction:
  1. Please avoid using disposable plastic objects; choose a recyclable option instead.
  2. When preparing your food reserves, choose unpackaged food. If packaging is necessary, consider choosing reusable and then recyclable packaging.
  3. Take good care of batteries, especially those of your front lamp! It is better to use rechargeable batteries, but in any case, take any batteries which you need to dispose of and place them into the specific battery bin.
  1. Make an effort to eat less animal products (meat, eggs, dairy products, etc.); try instead eating local, seasonal and organic products.
  1. Buy only what you need, give priority to long-lasting, quality equipment.
  2. Take good care of your gear so that it will last longer.
  3. When using electronic devices (headlamp, smartwatch, smartphone...), choose "energy saving" mode to optimize battery duration.
  4. Turn off your computer or your smartwatch when you’re not using it.
Trails, Fauna and Flora:
  1. Follow the marked path. Short cutting a trail could cause erosion and damage the site. And don’t forget: if you short cut a marked trail, you will travel a shorter distance and therefore it will take you longer to complete your challenge.
  2. Respect all animals. You are borrowing their habitat, so be polite and do not disturb them.
  3. Littering is strictly forbidden! Watch out for papers that may fall out of your pockets: don't forget close the zippers!
Are you ready?
Good run!